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Tax Calendar: Important Dates & Deadlines September - October 2014

September 2014

Below dates are relevant for Employers only

  • 19th (21st if paid electronically) PAYE, Nat. Ins.,Student Loan & C.I.S. Monthly deductions due.
  • 30th End of CT61 quarterly period.
  • 30th Last day for UK businesses to reclaim EC VAT chargeable in 2013.

October 2014 (note non-electrical payments due by Fri the 17th this month as the 19th is a Sun)

  • 1st Minimum wage rate increases to £6.50 per hour
  • 5th Deadline for those not registered for self assessment with new, tax liable income or capital gains in 2013/14, or new income making them liable to the High Income Child Benefit Charge, to inform HMRC. A penalty for failure to notify may apply if late.
  • 31st Deadline for paper Self Assessment tax return for the year ended 5th April 2014.
  • 31st Deadline for 2013/14 Self Assessment tax returns for those who wish HMRC to calculate tax owing, and if under £3,000, have HMRC collect the tax through the employees 2015/16  PAYE tax code. Can be submitted electronically up to 30th Dec 2014.

Below dates are relevant for Employers only

  • 14th CT61 for previous quarter to be submitted and tax owing to be paid.
  • 17th (22nd if paid electronically) Last date to pay outstanding PAYE and Nat. Ins agreed with HMRC from 2013/14.
  • 17th (22nd if paid electronically) PAYE, Nat. Ins.,Student Loan & C.I.S. Monthly deductions due.
  • 17th (22nd if paid electronically), 3rd quarter PAYE/Nat. Ins. payments due for period 6th July to 5th Oct 2014.

1st October is a common commencement date. Most UK laws and regulations affecting businesses come into effect on the common commencement dates of 1st April or 1st October each year. 

If there are any relevant tax dates we are not presently including in our tax calendar, please feel free to contact us to request their inclusion.


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