Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortgage Loan Calculator

I'm always checking up on my mortgage repayment calculations, and comparing these amounts to different interest rates, different terms etc. Whether you are paying for a car loan, or a recent house purchase, use the tool below to show you the repayment amounts, both monthly and annually. Click on the add another row button, and the previous row will be copied for your convenience. Any feedback is always appreciated. Thanks.

Tips: Click on the spinners to increase or decrease the value. Use the arrow keys to do the same. Don't bother entering currency symbols or commas.

Compare your loan options by clicking the add another loan button

Use the mouse wheel to quickly increase or decrease the values in each textbox.

Loan Amount Interest Rate Years Months Monthly Repayment Interest Only Total Repayments Cost of Credit Add to total
Totals:(only ticked rows are included)  
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