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2018/2019 Tax Rates and Bands Now Integrated

We have now released the 2018/2019 tax calculator engine and it's ready to use.

Top tips on DIY Self-assessment tax returns

Some people are put off producing their own tax return – keeping up on the latest tax legislation, completing the necessary forms and recording expenses can all feel a bit of a bind. If this is you, then taking the DIY approach can be much easier than you might think, and you can save on around £250 (the average cost an accountant charges for a basic tax return) by doing it yourself. To help you get started, follow these top tips on filing your tax self-assessment:

Working from home - allowances for the self-employed

If you work from home, understanding and calculating the expenses you claim can be a murky area. Guidelines and examples are given by HMRC, but these examples do not cover every scenario.

How to reduce your tax bill if you are Self-employed

Self-employment comes with plenty of perks. Most people dream about being their own boss, and it’s true that starting your own business has plenty going for it. However, it isn’t short of challenges or obstacles either: namely around tax.

Ways to pay your Tax Bill

When you've finally figured out how much you owe HMRC, you'll need to pay them. Here are your options, and it's not as straight-forward as you may think!

Draft 2018 Tax Calculator

The updates announced in the Autumn 2017 Tax Budget have been integrated into the calculator.

2016/17 End of year tax planning-use your allowances to reduce your tax bill

Some tax savings tips that can be implemented before April 5th.

Spring Budget 2017 - the headlines

A brief run down on the main areas of change from Philip Hammond's Spring Budget of March 2017.

Self Assessment - Expenses you can claim back as an employee

Wondering what everyday work expenses you can claim back on your self assessment form? Here are some expenses that a PAYE paying employee can claim. Note these can be back dated to also!

Carry forward past years pension allowances

Previous years unused pension allowances can be carried forward so you can exceed the £40,000 tax free limit this year. Higher earners should make the most of their pension allowance now, as it is under threat.