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In this section, we have put together some long form content guides which I hope will help you understand the UK PAYE Tax System, reduce your tax bill, and get things done on time.

What exactly does the removal of lettings tax relief mean for landlords?

The latest attack on landlords was during the October 2018 Budget, with the focus this time on the sale of their investment property.

Landlords - Should you incorporate or not?

Michael Wright, our Property Tax Expert, from RITA4Rent, takes a run through the decision making process to help you weigh up what the appropriate course of action is for you.

AirBnb vs long-term-rentals

For the holiday maker & professionals alike, it’s safe to say that short-term let platforms - such as AirBnb, Flipkey, or Homeaway - have been a bit of a game changer.

What changes to buy-to-let mortgage interest tax relief for landlords?

Section 24 and the restriction in mortgage interiest and finance costs have been a hot topic for landlords in recent months. Let's take an indepth look at the changes being phased in by HMRC

What do you do if you receive a letter from the HMRC Let Property Campaign?

How do you feel now you have received a letter from HMRC’s Let Property Campaign office? Worried?

Valid expenses you could claim as a landlord

Are you a Landlord? This article aims to help you make the most of your rental income.

Capital Gains Tax on Rental Property (Buy-to-let) 2019

Our latest tax feature, this time focusing on Capital Gains Tax, exploring the basics and full of tips to reduce your CGT liability.

Avoid paying too much tax on rental income

As property tax advisers, one of the most common questions we get asked is how you can avoid paying tax on my rental income.

Buy-to-let Landlords - Most Common Tax Mistakes

With campaign letters and enquiries on the rise, what is it that HMRC are looking for? Here’s an overview of the main categories of mistakes.

Landlord Tax Guide

Our detailed Landlord Tax Guide, where our property tax experts tell you what you can claim in expenses along with a comprehensive insight into HMRC tax rules and recent changes.

A Contractor's introduction to Director's Loans

There may be a time when you need to loan money to or borrow money from your own Limited Company. Now you may think it’s your company and you can do what you want, but director’s loans are wrapped up in fiddly bits of legislation and when borrowing cash from your company, care must be taken. You must ensure that you fully understand the tax implications before you take any kind of loan from your business.

A contractors guide to VAT

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a standard consumption tax levied on almost all goods and services in the UK. If you’re a contractor, working through your own Limited Company, registering for VAT could significantly improve your tax efficiency.

This article was published in our Guides section on 01/01/2017.

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