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In this section, we have put together some long form content guides which I hope will help you understand the UK PAYE Tax System, reduce your tax bill, and get things done on time.

A Guide to Payment on Account for the Self-Employed

What you need to know...

Understanding the SEISS Extension

If you’re self-employed, the latest U-turn in government policy could well benefit you. Instead of ending on the 1st October 2020, the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) is extending to April 2021.

Self Assessment Guide by Listentotaxman

Our guide to making your online self-assessment return with tips on reducing you tax bill and avoiding fines.

Small business guide to running payroll and staff benefits

A guide to navigating payroll and staff benefits as a small business.

How do the very rich avoid inheritance tax

Our guide to IHT-avoidance measures used by the mega-wealthy.

Home Working Allowance for Employees

If you are working from home for your employer you may be entitled to claim the working from home allowance? At £312 a year tax free, it is worth finding out if you qualify.

Working from home- allowances for the self-employed (updated for 20/21)

Self-employed guide to claiming allowances for working at home

Landlords Tax rates and allowances for 20/21 Updated

Tax rates and allowances relevant to Landlords for 2020/21

Self-Employed Expenses made Simple

This guide explains what expenses can be used to reduce your tax bill. There may be a few you had not thought of!

Self Assessment Advice For Returning Expats

Considerations that expats should make when returning to the UK.

Tax Guide to Going Self-Employed (Becoming a Sole-Trader)

Our guide to the tax implications of branching out on your own.

Contractors - LTD Company v Umbrella?

With the impending IR35 changes right around the corner, the Limited vs Umbrella debate is on a lot of contractor’s minds. But what really is the difference and which one will be most beneficial to you?

This article was published in our Guides section on 01/01/2017.

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