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In this section, we have put together some long form content guides which I hope will help you understand the UK PAYE Tax System, reduce your tax bill, and get things done on time.

IR35 - A contractors guide for 2019/20

IR35 is a complex piece of legislation used to distinguish between true self-employed contractors and employees. As a contractor, it’s important that you have an awareness and understanding of IR35 to ensure that you’re paying the correct amount of tax and National Insurance. Here’s a definitive introduction to IR35 to help you understand how it works.

Contractors - LTD Company v Umbrella?

With the impending IR35 changes right around the corner, the Limited vs Umbrella debate is on a lot of contractor’s minds. But what really is the difference and which one will be most beneficial to you?

Do I Need To Register As A Self-Employed Sole Trader

Are you unsure about whether you need to register as Self-Employed for tax purposes? Our guide can help you.

Are You Declaring All Of Your Earnings To HMRC

Our guide to help you declare all additional income to HMRC. Not doing so can end up being an expensive mistake.

What exactly does the removal of lettings tax relief mean for landlords?

The UK Government, in the eyes of many Buy-To-Let Landlords and Landlord Associations, continued its cash grab on landlords in its November 2018 Budget.

Splitting your business to avoid paying VAT

If you sell BTC (business to consumer) i.e. your customers cannot reclaim VAT, some businesses may be able to split their business by service to avoid crossing the VAT threshold.

Company car tax for business owners

What are the tax implications of buying a company car from a tax perspective? Take a look at our indepth analysis.

Landlords - Should you incorporate or not?

Iain Rankin our Property Tax Expert, from TaxKings, takes a run through the decision making process to help you weigh up what the appropriate course of action is for you

What’s Required For Your First Digital VAT Return

The government has started to roll-out Making Tax Digital (MTD) in a bid to engineer the UK tax system so that it embraces the online era. I hope this guide will help you understand the implications.

Scotland Vs England And Wales: What Are The Differences In Tax?

There are significant differences to how much tax you pay in Scotland in comparison to England.

AirBnb vs long-term-rentals

For the holiday maker & professionals alike, it’s safe to say that short-term let platforms - such as AirBnb, Flipkey, or Homeaway - have been a bit of a game changer.

Bookkeeper v Accountant

Are you paying your accountant to prepare your books? Could you save some money by hiring a bookkeeper? Clare Doherty explains the key differences…

This article was published in our Guides section on 01/01/2017.

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