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Tax Calendar: Important Dates & Deadlines January - February 2020

Now updated with 2020 dates, here's a list of important tax dates and deadlines for the coming months.

January 2020

  • Jan 31st- Deadline for online return of your 2018/19 self assessment form. £100 fine if its late regardless of whether tax owing or not. See our Self Assessment Guide for tips on making your return.
  • Jan 31st - Balance of 2018/2019 tax return due, also first payment on a/c of 2019/2020.
  • Jan 31st - Supplementary 2018/19 forms P35 to be filed, and any liabilities paid, if corrections were required under IR35 rules. (Contractors)
  • Jan 31st - Last chance to renew tax credits for 2019/20 tax year.
  • Jan 31st - Deadline to make any amendments to 2017/18 tax return.

Below dates relevant for Employers - Note that the 19th is a Sunday this month, so non electrical payments need to be with received by HMRC before the 18th.

  • Jan 18th (22nd if paid electronically) - PAYE, Nat. Ins.,Student Loan & C.I.S. Monthly deductions due.
  • Jan 18th, (22nd if paid electronically) - 4th quarter PAYE / Nat. Insurance payments due for period 6th Oct to 5th Jan 2020.

Note January 31st is a standard HMRC deadline for various claims and returns, for employers, employees and self employed. We only list the main ones, but make sure you do not miss this deadline.

February 2020

  • Feb 1st - A £100 fine if 2018/19 self assessment return not filed, whether tax due or not. A 5% surcharge (or £300 fine, which ever is greater) on bal. of any outstanding self assessment tax owed from 17/18, due to have been paid by 31st Jan 2019. See our guide onSelf Assessment fines and penalties.
  • Feb 1st - For outstanding paper returns, the £10 a day penalty starts adding up from midnight on the 1st Feb. If you make an online return, this late penalty will be applied from May 1st at midnight.
  • Feb 14th - Last feasible date to request NIC deferment for 2019/20.
  • Feb 28th - Last chance to avoid paying the first 5% surcharge on balance. of any outstanding self assessment tax owed from 18/19, due to have been paid by 31st Jan 2020.

Below dates relevant for Employers only

  • Feb 2nd - Last date to submit P46 (car) to notify Revenue of any changes to employees car fuel benefit in previous quarter.
  • Feb 19th (22nd if paid electronically) - PAYE, Nat. Insurance, Student Loan & C.I.S. monthly deductions due. Last day to send in Employer Payment Summary's (EPS) for month ended 5th Feb.

If there are any relevant tax dates we are not presently including in our tax calendar, please feel free to contact us to request their inclusion.

This article was published in our Tax Calendar section on 01/01/2020.

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