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Tax Calendar: Important Dates & Deadlines
April - May 2021

Now updated with May dates, here's a list of important tax dates and deadlines for the coming months.

April 2021 - End of Tax Year - Use up your allowances!

  • 1stIncrease in Minimum Wage to £8.91 per hour for over 24's, for all rate changes see here
  • 1st - Stamp duty land tax: non-UK resident surcharge of 2% comes into force
  • 5th - End of 2020/21 tax year. Last chance to avail of annual exemptions for capital gains tax, inheritance tax, pension allowances and ISA's
  • 5th - deadline for electing to transfer the married couple’s allowance from husband to wife, or remove a previous transfer, for 2021/22.
  • 5th - Last chance to use up any unused pension allowance from 2017/18; or to claim back any overpaid tax from 2016/17; or to top up your NI contributions for the sake of your state pension for 2014/15.
  • 6th - New tax year commences as do any tax changes, see our list of tax changes for further info.
  • 6th - HMRC issue Self Assessment Returns and Notices to Complete a Return for the year to 5 April 2021.
  • 30th - Last chance to avoid the £10 a day additional penalty on outstanding 2019/20 Self Assessment tax return.

Below dates relevant for Employers only

  • 6th - Employers must check their payroll software incorporates the 20-21 changes from today. Also make sure any relevant changes to employees tax codes for the 2021/22 year have been made.
  • 6th - van benefit charge reduced to zero for vans that produce zero carbon emissions
  • 8th - HMRC will no longer except VAT returns through XML software.
  • 19th - Your final Full Payment Submission (FPS) for the 2019-20 year should be returned by today. 
  • 19th (22nd if paid electronically) - 1st quarter PAYE/Nat. Ins. payments due for period 6th Jan to 5th April 2020.
  • 19th (22nd if paid electronically) - PAYE, Nat Ins, Student Loan & CIS monthly deductions due.
  • 19th (22nd if paid electronically) - Interest is charged on any outstanding PAYE/CIS from 2019/20.

Also: 2nd Good Friday-Bank Holiday; 5th Easter Monday- Bank Holiday; 23rd St George's Day

May 2021

  • 1st - 2019/20 Self Assessment now 3 Months late = £10 a day fine up to a maximum of £900 (90 days) for every day it is late.
  • 31st - Employees should have received their P60 for 2020/21 from their employer by this date.

Below dates are relevant for Employers only.

  • 3rd - Deadline to notify HMRC of changes to employees car/fuel benefit (P46) from previous quarter. 
  • 19th (22nd if paid electronically) - PAYE, Nat. Ins.,Student Loan & C.I.S. Monthly deductions due.
  • 31st - Last date to issue P60’s for 2020/21 to employees.

Also: 3rd Bank Holiday; 31st Bank Holiday

If there are any relevant tax dates we are not presently including in our tax calendar, please feel free to contact us to request their inclusion.

This article was published in our Tax Calendar section on 31/03/2021.

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