Gone, it would seem, are the days of the defensive Chancellor, protecting their red box of tricks for the big reveal in front of Parliament. Instead a social media drip feed of announcements by brand Sunak, left today's speech feeling a little hollow, like a bit of an afterthought. Most of what featured today had already been announced.

The big question left to be answered in parliament today was which taxes would go up? Restrained by the Conservative party manifesto pledge not to raise income tax, national insurance or VAT, where would the axe fall? Sandwiched between positives in his "3 Point Plan Speech" was the news that, for today at least, only two bitter pills would have to be swallowed:

Overall, Sunak left us with no doubt that looming in the budgets to come must lie more pinching of purses and increased taxation to pay for supports and recovery programs, post COVID.

Below are the main points of today's budget news:

COVID Supports – New and continued


Fuel and Alcohol Duty

Business Taxation

Sports, Arts and Culture

Environment, Nations, Regions and Other Announcements


Annnnd phew! That's the main points...I think. Feel free to contact us with points I may have missed- support@listentotaxman.com. We will get a more detailed budget review together as soon as possible.