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Landlords; It gets tougher in April

Landlords; It gets tougher in April

*Please note the information in this article may be out of date

Why April’s going to get that bit tougher for landlords AND what you can do!

You may remember the 8th July 2015, when George Osbourne dropped a little bombshell on landlords. This was the announcement date of restrictions on tax relief given to landlords with regards mortgage interest incurred on their rental properties.

These changes began to be phased in from April 2017 and in April this year they are going to be fully effective.

Michael Wright, our Landlord Tax Expert, and Director at Rita4Rent, has written a very informative update on the so called Section 24 changes, and more importantly it includes what you should be considering doing right now.

Don’t get caught out this April, put yourself and your property portfolio in the best position possible, read our latest guide on Section 24 Revisited – Mortgage Interest Changes.

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About Michael Wright, Landlord Tax Expert and Director, Rita4Rent

Apart from writing for Listentotaxman, Michael Wright, is the Landlord Tax Expert at Rita4Rent, who are specialist landlord tax advisors, and the sole recommended tax advisors of the Residential Landlords Association.